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I asked Teffont to fix a problem with a Xerox printer that had defeated me. I was very impressed indeed with the service. Their engineer arrived on time, solved the problem quickly and without fuss and, as a bonus, upgraded the printer firmware and resolved some niggling issues with settings. Genuinely some of the best tech support I’ve had.

Sean Jones – London


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Sussex is known for its strong tradition of bonfire celebrations and societies, and its proud musical heritage. The name “Sussex” is derived from the Old English Suth-Seaxe which means land or people of the South Saxons – a group of Germanic tribes who settled the region in the 5th and 6th centuries. Sussex is home to one of the most famous battles of all time – Hastings. It is home to the Brighton Pavilion, which is a Grade 1 listed former royal residence popular with visitors.

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