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About Us

The ABC Network was set up to help small business owners and not small network owners. ABC Network is a not for profit organisation and there is no joining fee. All you pay is £14. No joining fee, no add ons, just £14.

It's been said that this type of network doesn't work because there is no commitment, and that has generally been said by network owners that charge you a joining fee. We have loads of commitment from our members and lots of business is being done between them.

The ABC Network is light hearted, fun and driven to build relationships that will last a life time. If you are the type of networker that turns up, gives everyone your business card and then expects them to refer you straight away, then the ABC Network is NOT for you.

We want you to enjoy our meetings and we hope to provide you with outstanding value.

We open the doors at about 6-45am, members start arriving for tea and coffee from 7-00am and the meeting starts at 7-30am. Everyone gets about a minute to talk about their business and then, if time permits, an ABC member will do a 10-15 minute presentation on a business subject that you can take away and use in your business. Then it's time for breakfast at about 8-30am. After breakfast you can stay and network for as long as you wish with a plentiful supply of tea and coffee.

The ABC Network also has a range of guest speakers at no extra cost to you and continue the theme of outstanding value.

What are you waiting for? Give us a call on 01622 437 151 or email info@abcnetworks.co.uk and get yourself booked in.

Ask yourself a question.... "Do you want to pay a joining fee to network with the same small group of people each week, or do you want to come to an ABC meeting and network with at least 35-45 people for just £16?"

There is no I in ABC, because it's all about you!




"It's as easy as ABC"

Why not get in touch with ABC Networks

Call: 01622 437 151
Email: Events@abcnetworks.co.uk

  • What our members say about abc...
  • "Ash's breakfast networking club really is one of a kind! " Robert French
  • "A networking opportunity with a difference..." Ben Parrish
  • "I thoroughly recommend the ABC Network breakfast meetings..." Grace Kelly
  • "Ash manages this group with flair. Highly Recommended!" PURE B2B