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Julian Wilde, Secretary

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Impartial Advice

Most firms locally did not have specialist knowledge and simply said "scrap it". So would paying the fee for a visit from a Teffont engineer be worthwhile? I was encouraged by Teffont's willingness to check whether a spare part, if required, was available. It wasn't....but I was heartened by the impartial advice offered by Sarah James on the phone and decided to go ahead.

Punctual Engineer

The engineer who called was punctual, friendly, thorough and realistic about the future of my printer. He did not talk down to me and he repaired and serviced the machine so that it works perfectly.

Sensible Advice

What I really liked was being able to talk to an adviser immediately on the phone, with a swift response by the engineer, efficient method of paying and most of all sensible advice about a future maintenance contract.

Money Well Spent

I am now seriously considering buying future printers and a digital projector from Teffont - their price seems very reasonable and the worry over future breakdowns is at least lessened compared with Staples, Currys etc.  The personal approach worked wonders with me and I consider my money very well spent.

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