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Brother Fax Machine Repairs

Q. How much will my Brother {FAMILY} fax machine repair cost?

A. To find out how much it will cost to repair your Brother {FAMILY} enter your postcode into our price finder. This will give you your basic repair price plus options to include all parts and add 12 months all inclusive maintenance.

Q. What does the basic fax repair include?

A. Our basic fax repair covers your engineer call out to your home or work and includes all labour; even if a return visit is needed. Parts aren’t included in our basic repair and are instead charged for separately. If you would like to include all parts for a fixed price you can choose this option.

Q. If I choose to include all parts for a fixed price does this cover everything?

A. The fixed price covers any parts needed to repair your {FAMILY} fax excluding consumables. Consumables are items that you are expected to replace in the normal course of using your fax, for example: toners, drums and inks. We will provide all other items, including feed rollers, within the fixed price.

Q. Will my engineer be local?

A. Quite possibly. We have experienced Brother fax engineers within one hour’s travel of most places throughout the UK.

Q. Is the repair guaranteed? What happens if my Brother {FAMILY} has the same fault again?

A. Yes, your {FAMILY} fax repair comes with a 30 day guarantee. Should the same fault reoccur within this time we will provide you with a call out completely free of charge.

Q. Could it be more cost effective to replace my Brother {FAMILY} than repair it?

A. Yes it could be which is why we provide a fixed price Brother fax repair service. We want you to make an informed decision, where you can take into account the value of the toners in your existing fax machine and our repair compared with the purchase and installation price of a new machine.

Brother fax maintenance agreement servicing

Q. Do I have truly unlimited call-outs?

A. Yes you do. We’re confident that our Brother {FAMILY} fax service standards mean that your fax will run smoothly between visits, but if it does have a problem we’re always here to help.

Q. All non-consumable parts are included, what does this mean?

A. Your Brother {FAMILY} has parts that normally need replacing during its use, such as: toners, drums and inks - these are all consumable parts. Non-consumable parts essentially cover everything else, such as: circuit boards and power supplies. We will provide your fax machine with all non-consumable parts, completely free of charge, including feed rollers.

Q. Can I take out a maintenance contract if my Brother {FAMILY} isn’t working?

A. We need to repair your fax machine to bring it up to fully working condition before we can offer you a maintenance agreement. However, if we have repaired your fax machine we’re happy to provide a discount compared to our normal maintenance agreement price.

Q. What happens if I replace my Brother {FAMILY} with a new fax machine?

A. If you replace your fax machine with a similar model from us then we’ll transfer and extend the standard warranty with your remaining Brother maintenance contract balance.

If you have any other questions then please contact us.

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